It is true that both LG and Samsung are making money off of their Ultra HD TVs (UHD). They are also being marketed as UHD TVs. I personally think that they are advertising themselves as UHD TVs because the Ultra HD Blu-ray format has not yet been released. If they can’t make money off the TV, then they will take the money from the customers and the manufacturers.

There have been multiple reports that the latest model of the Samsung QLED TV lineup will be unveiled on May 23rd, 2018. While we aren’t able to confirm this ourselves, Samsung did release a press release on May 22nd acknowledging the report and stating that they will hold an Unpacked event in NYC on May 29th.

Crystal UHD and QLED are both TV display technologies that are putting the “crisp” back in “crisp” and clear in “clear” in front of our eyes. Crystal UHD (aka, UHDTV) is a brand name for a type of 4K resolution that was originally developed by Sharp but is now used by many manufacturers. QLED is a brand name for a type of OLED display that was originally developed by LG but is now used by many manufacturers. Both technologies use an LED backlight and produce very high contrast, but they differ in their specific technologies and how they produce the color.

You want to buy a new TV and you have narrowed down your choice to two models: UHD Crystal and QLED. Which one is the best? Today I compare Crystal UHD and QLED and explain which device is better in the long run. Choosing the right TV can be difficult because there are so many options, panel types, marketing gimmicks, technologies and specifications to consider. Not to mention the budget. Understanding the differences between Crystal UHD and QLED can save you from making a costly mistake. Both terms were developed by Samsung and can be found on most Samsung TVs. Other TV manufacturers have their own marketing terms for similar features and technologies. First, although UHD crystal and QLED are often touted as special features, they are actually quite different. One is a function and the other is a technology. This can be confusing, as manufacturers present these terms (often with different, equally confusing labels) as separate functions. This leads to some confusion, which I will try to eliminate in this article. Which of these is a marketing ploy? What’s the real characteristic? Read on to find out. Let’s start with Crystal UHD, then QLED, and finally explain which one is better.

What is Crystal UHD?

Crystal UHD stands for Ultra-High Definition, also known as Ultra HD or simply UHD. In other words: UHD TVs are standard LCD TVs, but with a resolution of 4K or higher. This means that the screen has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Crystal UHD is more of a description of the resolution capabilities than a separate feature. Essentially, this means that the TV is 4K compatible. Samsung often advertises that its Crystal UHD TVs are equipped with a Crystal 4K image processor that perfectly scales all media files to 4K. Most Crystal UHDs do not have such a processor, with the exception of the TU8000 series, but most smart TVs already have processors that can upgrade to 4K support. In other words: You don’t have to worry about whether or not your TV has a Crystal 4K processor, because it doesn’t really matter. To clarify: Crystal UHD refers to a TV that supports very high definition and may or may not use a Crystal 4K processor to convert media to 4K. Crystal UHD TVs can be considered as enhanced LCD TVs with higher resolution. This is the same as HD (720P) or FHD (1080P). Remember, Crystal UHD is not a panel technology. UHD Crystal TVs use LED-backlit LCD technology. In my opinion, don’t worry too much about the Crystal UHD gadget and focus on the most important features. Don’t get me wrong. UHD TVs are certainly not bad. Almost all displays that support 4K are stunning. The problem is that UHD is not a specific feature, panel or technology, it just means the TV is 4K compatible. Plus, UHD TVs cost less.

What is QLED?

QLED is different in that it is a type of display panel. QLED stands for Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diode. It is essentially a screen that uses quantum dot technology. The exact technology is very complex, but you can consult the quantum dot page on Wikipedia for more information. A simple way to introduce this technology is to say that quantum dot technology adds an additional color filter to the screen, increasing brightness and contrast. In general, a television set uses an LED for backlighting and for illuminating the LCD screen that produces the colors. QLED TVs are based on the same concept, with the addition of a quantum dot filter between the LCD panel and the LED backlight. The filter also improves the color gamut, although this is not very noticeable in daily use. In terms of picture quality, the QLED offers an excellent screen with very vivid colors, especially in 4K. There are several points worth discussing. For example, QLED and OLED are often confused because they look the same on paper. You should know that QLED and OLED are completely different technologies. I’m not going to compare the two devices in detail, but in a nutshell, we can say that the QLED works like an improved LCD TV. With OLED TVs, the panel illuminates individual pixels depending on the scene and has no backlight, so contrast and black levels are very low. OLED is always preferable to QLED because the colors are much more saturated. Most modern QLED TVs support 4K. Combined with high resolution, improved colour reproduction and brightness, QLED TVs deliver outstanding picture quality.

Benefits of QLED:

  1. Increased brightness, ideal for daylight.
  2. Good color scheme
  3. Long service life, no wear

UHD crystal vs QLED – which is better?

If you had to choose between the Crystal UHD and the QLED 4K, I would go for the QLED 4K because it is much brighter and has a better color gamut than regular UHD. The only exception may be if the UHD TV has other special features not available on QLED models. Most people who have bought a QLED 4K are happy with their purchase. However, if you are looking for the best quality TV possible, I would go for an OLED TV. OLED screens are more expensive and less bright, but they offer the most vibrant colors with the darkest blacks. All discussions about types of TV screens always end up with OLED as the winner. Not to mention that all the top rated TVs are also OLED. However, there is nothing wrong with opting for a QLED TV, it just depends on the budget you have. All in all, most modern TVs are good, especially those with 4K support. Going from a 1080P TV to a 4K TV will seem like the difference between night and day. A user on Reddit summed up this comparison very well, OLED is superior in terms of color reproduction, refresh rate, contrast, black level and oblique view. QLED is a marketing term, it’s still an LCD screen, and it suffers from poorer performance when viewed at an angle and in a dark room. In short, if you’re on a budget, an OLED TV is the best choice. If you can’t afford an OLED, QLED is good too. Crystal UHD is nothing more than a statement about the capabilities of a 4K display. We hope this clears up some of the confusion surrounding these terms and that you are now better prepared to make a decision. Samsung QLED 65Q9F (CC BY 2.0) by Wipers to report this message word-image-2628With the market flooded with HDR TVS, what is the difference between the Crystal UHD and the QLED not only in their price but in their appearance as well?. Read more about which tv is better qled or crystal uhd and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is uhd or Qled better?

The future of televisions may be partially defined by two competing technologies: UHD, or ultra high definition, and QLED, or quantum dot. Both of these technologies are becoming more prominent and are both poised to disrupt the TV viewing experience. Now that we have a group of TV’s that offer 4K resolution, we need to decide which one we want: UHD (Ultra High Definition) or QLED (Quantum Dots Light Emitting Diode)?

Is Samsung Crystal uhd better than UHD?

Samsung finally got around to releasing their first QLED TV last year. It was an 8-Series model, and it was only available in 65-inches. This year they released the Q9, and it’s available in 65, 75, and 82-inch sizes. We’ve been testing it for a while, and we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a fantastic TV. With Quantum Dots, the Q9 can produce some of the darkest blacks we’ve seen on a TV, and it’s an extremely bright TV. Crystal UHD TVs are often more expensive than QLED TVs, but is it worth it? In this post we’ll compare UHD and QLED TVs on a few usual metrics. We’ll also try to answer the question “Should I buy a UHD TV over a QLED TV?”.

What is Samsung Crystal UHD?

Samsung has officially announced a new brand of TVs and they are called “Crystal UHD.” Crystal UHD TVs are the company’s newest set of Ultra HD TVs and among the new features are the incorporation of the mega pixel count UHD resolution. The Crystal UHD TV has the same number of pixels as the QLED TVs and the total number of pixels is much higher. The new TVs are 4K UHD QLED TVs which are the company’s premium 4K UHD TV range, and these new TVs are crystal clear. The Samsung Community forum has been buzzing about the recent unveiling of Samsung’s new partnership with Casio. The two companies unveiled that Samsung is working on a new TV technology that will be based on quantum dots, called Crystal UHD. Crystal UHD is a new television screen that is different from the QLED TVs that Samsung currently makes. Crystal UHD is made up of quantum dots, which are tiny nanoparticles that can be used to make a TV screen with a higher resolution.

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