Destiny 2 Hotfix 2.21 Update Patch Notes  Destiny 2’s next update is here, and it’s a small one. But it’s a small one that includes a lot of fixes that are hugely appreciated, such as a fix for the bug that caused players to lose access to Exotics and Legendaries.  Please note that this new hotfix is not fully live yet, but will be sometime around 1pm Pacific time today.

Bungie has released the official patch notes for Destiny 2. This hotfix addresses an issue where players deleted their characters after receiving a Destiny 2 ban. This hotfix is not to be confused with patch 3.2.0, which is scheduled for release on January 30th, 2019. These patch notes are not available at this time, but will be posted on January 30th.

Destiny 2 patch 2.21 has been released with more changes and fixes. We have the full patch notes for this game to help you with various aspects. word-image-10528

Destiny 2 Hotfix 2.21 Update Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue where the synthetic armor tutorial was not displayed for Titan characters when they reached the synthetic armor creation level.

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  • Fixed an issue where the Cryosthesia 77K could fire multiple gel shots without losing the charge effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cryosthesia 77K catalyst was incorrectly accumulating energy weapon progression.
  • This fix only works if players did not select the Bottomless Sorrow node in the Destiny 2 Hotfix 2.21 update.
  • Fixed bug where the Triumph Catalyst for Cryosthesia 77K appeared in the wrong weapon category.
  • Fixed an issue where existing drops from THE SWARM with Relentless transferred to Bottomless Sorrow.


  • In the Destiny 2.21 patch notes, an issue has been fixed that caused Shadow engrams that are recovery-oriented to sometimes not give armor with a high recovery rate.
  • Destiny 2’s Hotfix 2.21 update has fixed issues that caused some common, uncommon, and rare armor to give stat bonuses when used as decorations in armor synthesis.

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  • Energy Accelerator Mod :
      • No longer increases damage against players.
      • No longer increases the base damage of Symmetry, Telesto, Black Talon, and Deathbringer.
          • Telesto also received a stern sermon.
  • Destructive Blast no longer stuns overloaded champions when they are damaged by the explosion the mod creates.
  • Fixed a bug where star eaters were incorrectly applying their damage bonus to weapons and grenades, rather than superpowers as intended.
      • The maximum number of stacks required to get the full damage bonus has been increased from four to eight stacks.
  • The Destiny 2 Hotfix 2.21 update has fixed an issue where players could have too many noble seekers with collector’s boots appear when entering and exiting the canyon.
      • If wizards wearing the Collector’s Boots extend the duration of the Schism, the regeneration of class skills is suspended.
        • Construction announcement: This change was made to prevent gameplay issues caused by too many Rifts in a single action, and to restore some of the advantages of Blood Alchemy over Assembler’s Boots.

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  • Fixed an issue where completing Presage as a weekly challenge was not giving rewards for Pinnacle gear.
  • Fixed an issue where the weekly Merchant Task reward for the Change Servant was not giving the Pinnacle gear as specified.
      • After completing the weekly vendor task, a Pinnacle seasonal item can now be rewarded with Destiny 2 patch 2.21.

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