Amazon’s new Fire TV Cube is a small device that acts as a hub for your home entertainment system. The Cube connects to your HDTV, sound system, or blu-ray player to provide access to video, games, music, and photos, and any of these devices can be controlled with the Cube’s remote. It’s got specialty apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, and the voice control feature lets you search for content and play or pause your favorite shows, entire movies, or songs.

The Fire TV Cube is a device you can plug into a soundbar or TV (or both) so you can stream video from your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s a small cube, the size of a game controller with a screen on each face, so it’s easy to tuck into a corner of a room. It’s got a USB port on one end, and an HDMI port, along with a microSD slot and a micro USB port on the other. It’s got a remote control, with a track pad and buttons for navigating Amazon Video, playing games, and searching for content. The remote is also used to control the TV/soundbar, and a headphone jack lets you listen to the Cube while you’re streaming

The Fire TV Cube is a brand new streaming device that was announced by Amazon last year. It is a small little black box that plugs into an HDMI port that streams 4K, HDR, High Dynamic Range content. I had the opportunity to demo the Fire TV Cube earlier this morning and everything was working as advertised.

The Fire TV Cube is simply a 2017 Fire TV with slightly updated hardware and a built-in Echo Dot, Amazon’s own Alexa-powered virtual assistant speaker.

Which is good:

  • Larger storage capacity (from 8 GB on the 2017 Fire TV to 16 GB).
  • Ethernet adapter ready for use
  • Integration with Echo Dot

Which is not good:

  • Same hardware specs as the 2017 Fire TV, but with more memory.
  • An HDMI cable is not included. To be purchased separately
  • More expensive than the combination of the Fire TV 2017 and the Echo Dot

It’s clear that Amazon wants to make Alexa a household name. Alexa’s integration with many high-end audio and video devices is no secret. The Fire TV and FireStick series devices are already equipped with Alexa. It gets even more interesting now that Amazon is bundling Fire TV, Alexa and Echo Dot into one package, called Fire TV Cube, and offering it for a price that can’t really be called cheap. As I write this article, the Cube is on sale for $119 and seems to be slowly approaching the Apple TV. But even though the price of the Apple TV is only $60 (after all, the Apple TV costs $179), there’s a lot to be gained in terms of features and hardware specifications.

It would be unfair to compare the Cube to the Apple TV, as they are two different categories of devices. In this review of the Fire TV Cube, I put it on par with its most popular devices, the Fire TV (2017) and the Echo Dot.

Hardware first!

First and foremost, the hardware, as it forms the basis of the entire user experience. I use the 2017 Amazon Fire TV as a reference, since it was the last iteration of the Fire TV series of devices before the Cube.

The Fire TV Cube comes with the now popular Echo Dot smart speaker, which is not included in the 2017 Fire TV. But let’s leave the Echo Dot aside for now and look at the basic hardware features of the Fire TV Cube as a multimedia device.

The Fire TV Cube is exactly your 2017 version of the Fire TV, but with more storage. This device offers 16GB of internal storage compared to the Fire TV, which only has 8GB. Although the storage capacity of the Cube has been doubled, 16 GB is not enough for those who like to download and store videos. But like other Fire TV devices, you can expand storage with an OTG adapter.

Apart from the larger memory capacity, all other hardware features remain the same. The Cube has the same 1.5GHz processor as the Fire TV, 2GB of RAM, and MIMO Wi-Fi. This device also supports HDR10 and is not compatible with HDR10+ like the Fire TV, plays 4K video and offers Dolby Atmos surround sound quality.

The Cube is connected to your TV via HDMI. But it’s hard to believe there’s no HDMI cable included. When you pay $120 for a device like this, it’s the least you can expect. I was really disappointed to discover this when I unpacked the Cube. If you do not already have an HDMI cable, you will not be able to play videos right away. Even the FireStick, the most affordable media device in the Fire TV line, comes with an HDMI extender. So add an HDMI cable to your cart when you buy the Fire TV Cube.

I almost forgot to tell you. For the wired connection, Cube supplies an Ethernet adapter in the box. This is another improvement over the Fire TV, which requires an additional $14.99 Ethernet adapter to connect to the wired internet.

The Cube and the 2017 Fire TV have the same remote controls. I was hoping Amazon would finally add a volume button, but it hasn’t happened.

Now Echo Dot

Together, the Fire TV and Echo Dot (two separate devices) can do just about anything the Fire TV Cube can do. You can buy the combo for $94.99 on Amazon.  The Cube is about $22 more expensive and offers an additional 8 GB and a built-in Ethernet port.

If you already own one of the Echo Dot devices, the Fire TV Cube doesn’t make much sense. The Echo Dot as a standalone gadget can do almost everything the Echo Dot can do in a cube. With Alexa integration, you can control all kinds of smart devices and appliances, including TVs, game consoles, lights and more.

There is another problem with using two Echo Dots in close proximity to each other. If you use the same alarm word, both animals may respond to the same commands at the same time, causing confusion, especially if they are kept in close proximity to each other. It’s best to keep the two Alexa devices in separate rooms, or change the wake word on one of the devices if you want to continue using them in the same room.

However, the Fire TV Cube Echo Dot does listen and follow your commands. But the real power of such a device lies in its ability to hear in less than ideal listening conditions. This is where the Echo Dot can really shine. It can hear and recognize your commands across the room, even with loud music. I personally tested the Echo Dot with my home theater, and the results were satisfying.  From over a meter away and with loud music, he could hear me and follow my orders.

Alexa, turn up the volume.

Alexa, turn down the volume.

Alexa, play the previous song.

Alexa, go to the next number.

Try not to hold the Cube too close to the speaker, or you will have to shout loudly for the Echo Dot to hear you.

I was curious how Echo Dot would work with the Fire TV Cube interface, since Alexa offered limited functionality on the 2017 Fire TV. The Echo Dot quickly opened all the apps I asked it for, took me to settings, searched apps for me, helped me download apps, etc. But I was a little disappointed with the way the program handled my requests to scroll through the list of apps on the home screen, and also through the Your apps and channels segment. It was much nicer to use the remote than to get angry and give commands that Alexa couldn’t follow.

But I didn’t lose heart. I knew that the Echo Dot’s capabilities went far beyond the Cube interface and that it could do much more for me.

I’ve encountered another problem with Alexa. When I asked him to open Netflix, Hulu, Downloader or ES File Explorer, he quickly launched those apps. When I asked him to start Kodi, Mobdro and Tea Tv, he was confused and couldn’t open these apps. What’s the difference? All apps that Alexa can open quickly are downloaded from the Amazon App Store. Applications that did not load when loading sideways on the FireStick. In short, Alexa is smart enough to open apps from the App Store, but not smart enough to run parallel downloaded third-party apps.

The Fire TV Cube features the same 0.6-inch Echo Dot speaker as the $50 Echo Dot. It is a simple speaker with no woofer and no Dolby support. The sound quality is acceptable if you want to listen to music at low volume and don’t want to turn on large speakers because they use more power.

Summary – Fire TV CubeTest

If you have a 2017 Fire TV, buying a Fire TV Cube doesn’t make much sense. I’d rather buy a $50 Echo Dot and a $15 Ethernet adapter and save more than $50. If you need more memory, you can always buy an OTG adapter separately. A good quality OTG adapter will cost you $5 to $10. And don’t forget that the Cube doesn’t come with an HDMI cable. You must buy it separately. A 2-meter cable costs about $8.

I think Amazon could have provided a better device than the one they ship for $120. I wouldn’t mind paying $10 extra for a more powerful processor.  All Fire TV devices are a bit slow.

If you don’t have a Fire TV yet, the Fire TV Cube might be a good place to start. Since it combines two devices into one, your setup will be less cluttered. Echo Dot works with the Cube as well as separately.  You can control smart devices, TV, home theater and all kinds of other smart devices.


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The Fire TV Cube is a must-have for most cord-cutters. When coupled with the Fire TV streaming device and the Fire TV Edition (2017) 4K TV, the Fire TV Cube delivers the most comprehensive 4K TV package currently available. The Fire TV Cube is also a simple and cost-effective way to stream content to multiple televisions in your home.. Read more about is there a new fire tv cube coming out and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fire TV Cube worth it?

The Fire TV Cube is Amazon’s best-selling device ever, which means it comes with a lot of expectations. Unfortunately, the company has never been able to get all the features right, which has left us all disappointed. After using the device for a week we feel that it is a mixed bag. Fire TVs have been all the rage ever since the introduction of the Chromecast, and the Fire TV Cube was the latest device to mount a serious challenge to the Chromecast. If you’re a gamer or a cord cutter, the Cube has you covered; it can stream anything from games to videos and everything in between. It also comes with a remote, so your hands aren’t tied if you want to wander around and control your TV from your couch. (I personally prefer having the Fire TV remote on hand, but that’s just me.) On the other hand, the Fire TV Cube isn’t for everyone. You’ll pay $100 to get your hands on a Roku competitor. And if you’re already using a streaming box, the Fire TV

What is a fire TV Cube and what does it do?

We all have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to buying the latest technology. And with the Fire TV Cube, you can get the newest version of the Fire TV set-top box without even paying for it. With the Fire TV Cube, you can stream online content from apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video, as well as watch videos on a decent sized TV screen. You can also use the included remote control to browse the internet and browse different TV channels using an app called “Voice Remote.” However, the Fire TV Cube is packaged with two remotes, one for the Cube and one for your TV, and a voice remote that you can use with your TV. These remotes are included in the packaging, so make With the Fire TV Cube, Amazon tries to make the best of a broken system. The box contains an Alexa-enabled Fire TV, a Fire TV remote, and a TV antenna. The Cube is designed to work with the Fire TV and Fire TV remote, so you can use your voice to control the Cube’s functions — a combination of a DVR and a set-top box.

Is Fire TV Cube better than fire TV?

Amazon’s new Fire TV Cube is a tiny little box that plugs into the back of your TV, and it lets you stream content from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and a bunch of other services. But it’s not exactly the full home entertainment experience that you get with a traditional TV. The cube doesn’t have an HDMI output, a tuner, or a headphone jack. But the thing is, this is just one part of a little upgrade package that started shipping this month. Amazon’s also offering a new line of Fire TV devices, with the Cube leading the charge. The Fire TV Cube is an interesting little device, especially considering it’s made by Amazon and runs on their Android TV platform. I’m not one to get too excited about a product unless it’s truly amazing, and the Fire TV Cube definitely falls in that category. On top of that, the price is right – $119 for the Fire TV Cube alone, and $139 for the bundle.

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