It’s amazing what a little exercise can do. If you’re a regular gamer, you know the importance of staying active in order to keep your skills sharp. Even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, you should still get some exercise regularly. That’s because staying active is great for your health, especially if it’s a few minutes of activity each day.

Fitris is a new fitness game that builds on the classic Tetris gameplay, but with a twist that lets you exercise! In the game, the player has to twist various pieces of flat rubber and metal into positions that fit perfectly and can then be removed. (Fitris) Up to 20 different pieces each of rubber and metal can be used in the game, and each is shaped differently. The game is played by the player making lines of the same shape as possible between a pair of yellow circles. The game ends when the player cannot make any more piece placement squares.

Tetris is the classic game of matching shapes, but the elements you match and the speed at which you do it can be the key to a better you. In Fitris, each block you match in the game is a challenge that you have to complete to get a new block to fit in the game. If you make a mistake, you will have to wait for a set amount of time to be able to try again. Also, when you lose a level in the game, you will be required to do more of the same exercise from where you started.

This article contains affiliate links for which we may receive commissions at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase through our links. As an associate member of Amazon, we can earn money on eligible purchases. Read more. FunLife, a Japanese company specialized in technological solutions for sports and fitness, develops Fitris. This app is a derivative of the game Tetris, which is played entirely with the whole body, in addition to the online fitness competition service VS Fit.

Practicing with blocks, Tetris blocks!

word-image-682 As seen in the series of images in this article, Fitris somehow transforms the body into a physical controller. No, you don’t have to bend your hips or do anything else to move or rotate the individual blocks. Instead, there are a few specific things you can do to override the default Tetris game controls, which FunLife officially lists as follows:

  • A punch to the left or right moves the device to the left or right.
  • Turn the block in a crouched position
  • Jumping jacks bring down the block directly

All movements are recorded by a smartphone, which recognizes each one and places it on a sort of limited command stack. Don’t worry, it won’t include a long list of commands if you keep typing them. It will be based mostly on your last combos. Similar to a fighting game, but instead it is both mechanically simple and physically challenging. Of course, the basic rules of Tetris apply to all these moves. So if you want to optimize your game, you need to learn how to balance all these moves so that even beginners can succeed in Fitris. Professional Tetris players, on the other hand, must turn to their usual input devices – keyboard and controller. You probably won’t find the T-bend easier if your whole body is doing the stacking. At the end of the game session, a scoreboard is displayed showing the last score achieved and the average number of calories burned for that session. It’s a kind of motivation and, of course, a way to play fitris with fitness weights. Fitris has three well-known game modes, which are as follows:

  • A marathon is a game type in which you can score points without a time limit. Lie down until you collapse from exhaustion – game over!
  • Time Attack – Achieving the desired result in a given time. It’s probably a safer game.
  • Training mode – especially for those who still need to burn the commands into their (physical) muscle memory.

The good old online contest

word-image-683 Since Fitris is essentially part of the online fitness service VS Fit, it is quite capable of getting players to compete in the realm of the internet. Like a real modern Tetris. So while sharing high scores and competing within game sessions is one thing, competing against specific fitness goals is another category in which players can compete. Last month, in the city of Ichihara in Chiba prefecture, a kind of official tournament was held in which a group of young people from the area participated. Technically, this was an experimental event, both to test the Fitris technology on a large scale and to test the reception of the event. Approximately 800 participants were divided into elementary, middle school, high school and adult categories. The contest lasted three full weeks, with online rankings and calorie counts updated each time. After designating a winner in each category, the other contestants competed in a Fitris Battle at Chiba Sports Concierge until the final winner was chosen. word-image-684 Here are two opinions shared by event participants:

  • Physical training seems mechanically simple, but this kind of gamification makes me want to do it.
  • Very convenient, because I can activate the app immediately and start playing.

Once the trial is complete, FunLife plans to integrate Fitris with several other fitness-related services as part of its recreational training offerings. The company is also considering standardizing and regulating online events that use the app, although the proposal also requires the app to be offered as a service by another third party. Oh yeah, before I forget: Try downloading the application here. (Insufficient screen warning) Sources:Fitris is a new game coming out next month on the Nintendo 3DS. It is essentially Tetris meets exercise, and is based on the popular idea of stacking up fitness challenges. I took it for a spin last week, and here are my thoughts.. Read more about pe physical challenge and let us know what you think.

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