Fortnite has undoubtedly taken over the gaming industry, so when reports first came out about the game not working on Windows 10, fans were not happy. Epic Games and Microsoft have been hard at work to fix the problem, and while there’s no official fix quite yet, there are some things you can try if you’re having trouble with Fortnite crashing on Windows 10.

Fortnite is not launching with Windows 10? How To Fix Fortnite Not Launching on Windows 10. Blog Introduction: Fix Fortnite Not Launching on Windows 10

Fortnite will not start on PC: My experience

I was playing Fortnite last weekend and after about 3 hours, my game crashed and when I tried to go back into the game, it wouldn’t start. I ended up having a very boring weekend because all my friends were playing and I searched YouTube for a solution to my problem. Here’s what I learned from this debug session after Fortnite crashed, and I’m sure one of these fixes will get you out of trouble if you ever get stuck.

In a nutshell: That’s what you have to do.

  1. As mentioned in the Epic Games app, check the Fortnite installation files on your system.
  2. Check that everything is in order with the Easy AntiCheat client.
  3. Update the game to the latest version.
  4. Update your drivers (all of them, including graphics cards and network adapters) or wait for the company to release a patch to fix a potential bug.

In my case, the game got an update on PC and all my friends were playing on Xbox One, so I was the only one whose game crashed. Updates for cross-play games are usually released at the same time on all platforms, but I don’t know what Epic Games was up to that day. Maybe in this update (I didn’t look at the patch notes), they fixed the problem for PC only, so my friends didn’t suffer from it. Enough of this boring weekend review!

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Steps to fix Fortnite that won’t start on your PC

Here are the steps to start Fortnite on Windows 10 when it fails to start :

Final correction: Check if Fortnite has recently received a PC update

Start the Epic Games application on your PC and go to Downloads. In this section, you can see if Fortnite is downloading patches. Let the pitcher finish the game before you restart it. You may need to restart your computer to apply the patch successfully.

If Fortnite has not received an update, proceed with the second troubleshooting method.

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Corrigendum 2: Update device driver

If Fortnite was running fine the day before, but won’t start up this morning, your graphics card drivers are probably not up to date. It happened to me once. I tried to start Fortnite, but the game doesn’t even appear in the task manager. I noticed that GeForce Experience automatically downloaded and applied the latest update for my GeForce 1060. So I looked on the Nvidia forums to see if there was anything wrong with Fortnite after the last update. The update caused problems for almost all GeForce 1060 users, and the issue was fixed in a minor update released later that day.

Sometimes it’s worth checking the forums to see if other players with the same graphics card as you have the exact same problem after the latest update. If the problem is caused by an impromptu driver update, Nvidia will eventually get the game working on your PC, but it may take some time.

Image credit: Epic Games

Corrigendum 3: Check Fortnite root files (works 80% of the time)

Fortnite will not start up if the core files are corrupted. However, there is an easy way to check if all the Fortnite files on your PC are intact. In Epic Games’ launcher, go to the library and search for Fortnite. Go to the Fortnite settings by clicking on the cog icon and click on Verify to have the launcher check the Fortnite installation files. The validation wizard runs in the background and solves all problems related to damaged files. Once verification is complete, restart your computer and try to start Fortnite again. And break!!!

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Fourth track

If you recently tried to install cheat extensions like Aimbot, Easy AntiCheat probably got corrupted.

Remember, if you cheat, sooner or later you will be banned from Fortnite. This is the last thing you want to do when playing an online game.

Steps to fix the Easy AntiCheat client.

Just type easyanticheat_setup into the search box. Run the .exe file and when asked which game you want to restore, select Fortnite from the drop-down menu. Once the service is restored, restart your computer and start Fortnite. Everything should work fine now.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about why is fortnite not launching on mac and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix fortnite not opening on my computer?

Fixing fortnite not opening on your computer can be done fairly easily. In most cases, it’s because you haven’t updated your driver software to the latest version. You’ll find that most problems with your computer are often caused by outdated drivers, so by updating them, you can solve a lot of issues. My name is Morgan Warthin and I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about FortNite on PC. This game is a very popular game which is played by more than 1,000,000 people per day. I own an HP Pavilion g7-2236 Desktop PC. I have tried numerous ways to fix the problem but I have not succeeded. After trying over 50 different fixes I decided to make this blog because I am disappointed and not happy. I hope you can help me fix the problem so I can continue to play my favorite game.

How do I fix fortnite launch failed?

Epic Games is aware of an issue causing Fortnite for Windows to fail to launch for some users on Windows 10. If this happens, players will see an error message like the following: The issue is currently under investigation by Epic Games and they ask players to check the Epic Games Status page for updates. There are many issues that can make sure your game does not launch. In this blog, I will explain how to fix fortnite launch failed issue. There are three different ways you can try to fix this problem. They are: 1. Uninstall Fortnite, Redownload, and Reinstall 2. If That doesn’t Work, Reinstall your Graphics Driver 3. Last Method is to reinstall your windows operating system and to update it.

Why can’t I launch fortnite?

You just bought a brand new PC for Fortnite, you get to the lobby and it doesn’t allow you to join the game. You get an error message saying “Launch error! The game can’t be started!”. This error message is usually because there is a problem with the game. This can happen for a number of reasons, including: The game is not from an approved source.  The game is out of date. The game is corrupt. The game is missing required files. The game is not installed correctly. There are issues with the PC’s hardware. The client configuration is incorrect. The problem many Fortnite players are experiencing is that they can’t seem to launch the game. When they try to open the application, they get stuck on the Epic Games logo for an extended period of time before being informed that the game has “failed to start.”

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