While watching your favorite movies and TV shows on your Android phone, you may have encountered some scenes that are hard to hear or understand because of background noise, or you just have trouble following the dialogue. (This usually happens a lot in older films.) It’s possible that this is due to the fact that you can’t understand the language that’s being spoken. In such cases, subtitles can be the perfect solution to your problems.

Subtitles are a great way to expand your viewing options. If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, they can make it easier to enjoy videos and TV shows. If your native tongue is different than what’s being spoken on screen, subtitles can help you understand what’s being said. If you’re learning a foreign language, subtitles are a great way to expand your vocabulary. And if you just want to be able to hear clearly over the sound of your family watching TV, subtitles can help with that too.

Subtitles are important. They allow you to follow along with a movie if you don’t speak the language or if you don’t have the volume turned up. They can also help inform you of the plot points and major moments if you’re watching something in a language you understand but would like to keep up with the dialogue. There are a few ways to get subtitles on your Android device, and one of the easiest ways is through a media player called MX Player.

Mx Player, released in 2011, is one of the most popular video streaming players, especially in terms of offline media playback. With over 500 million installs on the Play Store, it has become one of the most popular media players thanks to features like gesture control and multicore decoding. Although Mx Player moved to OTT in 2019, the video playback feature is still appealing, and subtitles have become an integral part of TV for many, especially when watching movies or shows that are not in their native language. If you want to know how to add subtitles in Mx Player, follow our tutorial. The following instructions will help you download or remove subtitles and correct subtitle errors in Mx Player. Also read : Is charging your phone at night dangerous? 5 ways to extend your battery life Open Mx Player on your device, open the video for which you want to insert subtitles, and then follow the steps below. Step one: Click the Subtitles button in the top right corner of the screen. If you are still using the old version of the application, first click on the horizontal button with three dots and then select Subtitles from the drop-down menu. word-image-7889 Step two: Now click on the Online Subtitles option. word-image-7890 Step three: In the next window, click Search in the Stereo Mode section. word-image-7891 Step 4: A prompt appears with English as the default search language. You can change the search language by pressing English, then select the desired language from the list and press OK. word-image-7892 If you can’t find your desired language in the list, click on the opensubtitles.org link in the request above and log in to unlock all available subtitles on Mx Player. word-image-7893 Step 5:  Now choose the most suitable file from the search results and click Download. word-image-7894 When the download is complete, a confirmation message appears on the screen and the subtitles are automatically activated, as shown below. word-image-7895 Also read : What is Linktree? How does it work? Free and Premium If you have downloaded or received a video file with subtitles and you want to insert them into the clip, follow the steps below. Step one: Click the Subtitle button in the upper right corner of the screen, as shown below. word-image-7896 Step two: Then click on the Open button. word-image-7897 Step three: Now, in the opened window to open the subtitle file, press the Search folder button above. word-image-7898 Step four: Select the folder that contains the movie or video with the subtitle file. word-image-7899 Step 5: Click on the subtitle file for the specified video. word-image-7900 Also read : How can I hide applications in Realme? When using Mx Player to search the Internet for subtitles, an error message Subtitles Not Found may be displayed. word-image-7901 This may be due to the fact that the default search text mainly matches the video file installed in the unit. Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue. Step one: When you get to the fourth step mentioned in the first tutorial of the article, check the Enter search text box. word-image-7902 Step two: Remove prefixes and suffixes here, leaving only the name of the film or TV series as search text. word-image-7903 This way, the Mx Player search engine will show you all the results related to the videos. Step three: Now select the desired subtitle file and click the Download button. word-image-7904 Also read : How to create a Telegram bot? To delete these additional subtitle files, follow the steps below. word-image-7905

  • Open the file manager of your mobile device.
  • Then click on Phone memory.
  • In the following menu you can find a video file or a folder to save the video, e.g. B. Shareit or downloads.
  • Then click on the video.

word-image-7906 At the end, select and remove the subtitles from the desired tape. Also read : How do I remove my Gmail profile picture? word-image-7907 Reader, writer, lawyer, equestrian. Vishal thinks he’s funny unless you drink beer; then he’s really funny! Contact Vishal via email: [email protected]MX Player is the most popular video player in the Android world, and for good reasons. It’s got a number of advanced features, like hardware acceleration, subtitle support for dozens of file formats, and a bunch of different skins/themes. It’s also open source, so if you’re interested in tweaking the player for your own needs, it’s easy to do so. But for our purposes, we’re going to learn how to add subtitles to videos in MX Player.. Read more about how to add subtitles in mx player online movies and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put subtitles on MX player?

MX Player is a great media player that supports almost every file format out there. The only problem is that it doesn’t support every language. That’s why you need to add subtitles to your videos. This is quite easy, but you need to understand all the steps. While the vast majority of movies and TV shows released today are in English, dubbed versions are also available in other languages. For people who can’t speak English as their first language, or for people who just like to practice different languages, subtitles can be a great way to enjoy a movie or TV show without having to read too much. Whether or not you can play subtitles on MX Player depends on your device.

Where does MX Player download subtitles?

MX Player is one of the most popular video players for Android. When you try to play a movie, you might find that you can’t understand the dialogues. That’s because most movies are released with subtitles to help viewers understand the situation. These subtitles are stored separately and need to be downloaded and synced with the video to be shown. Thanks to the explosion of online streaming services, it’s never been easier to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports games when you want, where you want, and on whatever device you want. One of the easiest programs to use is MX Player, which lets you watch videos from a wide variety of sources, including your own media files. But if you want to watch a foreign language film with the subtitles turned on, you might wonder where you can find the subtitles.

Why can’t I download subtitles from MX Player?

The MX Player is a powerful media player that can handle a variety of media formats, including several that are supported by subtitles. However, you may find it frustrating when you try to download subtitles from MX Player. The problem is an error message that appears when you try to download subtitles: “The subtitle file is not in the correct format.” The error message is vague, but its meaning is easy to figure out. The MX Player app doesn’t support the format of the subtitle file you are trying to download. One of the best parts of watching a movie or TV show in a foreign language is being able to understand what is being said without needing to read the subtitles. By adding subtitles to your video, you can enjoy a foreign movie without the need for reading and then you can also spend more time enjoying the actual content. Adding subtitles in MX Player is a fairly straightforward process, but if you are having difficulty you can always reach out to the MX Player team and they will be glad to help you out. (Disclaimer: In writing this blog, I am not affiliated with MX Player in any way, I am simply a user of the app who is trying to help out fellow users)

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