Here’s a list of the best Hoenn Gen III Shinies (From Pokémon RSE & ORAS), all of them have their uses on both offense and defense. These Pokémon are my favorite to use with the moves they have, and I like them as they are in-game. *Note: We are looking for all Shinies, not just the ones from the games.

It has been a while since the last update on my favorite Hoenn shinies, so I’m back with another update of the best shinies in Generation 3!

Since the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, a lot of players have been playing the games and trying to bag all the shiny Pokémon in the game. Some have succeeded, but the bulk of players have been failed in their endeavor. This list is designed to be a guide for those who haven’t been able to bag all the shiny Pokémon in the game, and will be updated as more shiny Pokémon are found.

Generation III was the starting point for many Pokémon fans, including myself. It marked a leap in quality from Gen II, and was also a game between the GBA and the DS. I never had the chance to play ORAS. I have it, but my cartridge came with that unreadable error that many games work with. It was years ago. So I have absolutely no intention of fighting with Nintendo support to get a replacement. But to bring back memories, I’ve included the coolest glow-in-the-dark Pokémon from season 3 here. The generation together.

15. Blasiken

word-image-13649 I have no idea why Game Freak put so little effort into Blaziken’s genius, but it is what it is. I mean, it’s not bad. It just doesn’t look clear. All they did was give her body a darker shade of red. If you were tired, you wouldn’t even know the difference between the two. That said, I like Blaziken. And the color change is still nice, even if it’s not very impressive. So I’m giving him this chair as a consolation prize.

14. Ludicolo

word-image-13650 According to Detective Pikachu, there shouldn’t be a single soul on this planet that doesn’t love the idea of Ludicolo. It doesn’t make sense as a Pokémon, but that’s what makes it great. From what I understand, it must be based on Kappa. But it’s more like Psyduk and Ananas had a baby, and the result was Ludicolo. As for the shine, Ludicolo has turned a little brown. That’s it. Like the Blasiken, it’s a nice change of pace that’s nothing remarkable compared to some of the fizzers on this list. This also puts him a little lower on the list (but still ranked).

13. Hariyama

word-image-13651 Hariyama, when she shines, has a different style of dressing than her usual alternative. His gloves, belly and legs (which are normally orange) turn purple. Unlike Ludicolo and Blasiken, however, this change is selective and has thematic significance. It’s not just a darker shade than it already was. Game Freak has put more effort into Hariyama’s genius than Blaziken and Ludicolo combined. And that’s worth acknowledging.

12. Swampert

word-image-13652 The quality of the brilliant design has improved considerably, starting with everyone’s favorite beauty: Swampert. This list includes all the Generation III starters (spoiler alert), and the difference between each of them is staggering. Blaziken is a bit of a shiny nothing, and Swampert is a very nice little monochrome thing. And while it’s better than many shinigami, this design can’t match the Sceptile. You only have to look at the brilliant Swampert to understand why I included him in this list. He is a big, pink, adorable boy who wants only one thing: to be loved. And that’s something I can understand.

11. Grodon

word-image-13653 Grodon is a legendarily cool looking shiny guy. What happened to Chioga? The difference between the two, as with the starters, is staggering. And makes me suspect that the Game Freak design team had no internal communication. While I agree that regular Groudon is much better (I think it’s the best Pokémon ever), there’s no denying that Shiny is awesome in its own way. He replaces red with yellow and turns Groudon, harbinger of war, into a big angry bitch. And with the Crown Tundra, it’s never been easier. So you have no excuse.

10. Charpedo

word-image-13654 I’ve written enough about Sharpedo to make it a university essay, so I’ll keep it short. It’s a big, purple, decapitated shark head and it’s smart. If you already love this Ocean King Pokémon, you’ll definitely love its shiny form.

9. Salinity

word-image-13655 I’ve noticed a strange trend: green trolls are either wonderful, like Espeon, or terrible, like almost all trolls. There is no in-between. Salamens is an excellent example of the first case. It trades its blue body for a green body, making the Pokémon a distinct rarity. It’s actually a pretty weak design when it comes to dragon glitter. But that doesn’t mean much when you look at people like Haxorus.

8. Milotić

word-image-13656 I don’t remember seeing a brilliant Milotic before I made this list. And I don’t understand why at all. It’s a brilliant Pokémon that looks absolutely stunning, as elegant as it is difficult. The color scheme reminds me of the shiny Ho-oh, in that it’s gold and silver. It is a combination that worked wonders in Gen II and continues to work wonders in Gen III.

7. Gardevoir

word-image-13657 The shiny guard doesn’t look so good. But it’s my second favorite Pokémon after Gallade, so I include it because, well, I guess that’s a bias? But that doesn’t mean he looks bad. Instead of a green suitcase, it’s now blue. It’s a simple and effective change that, quite frankly, leaves you wanting more. However, the beggars are not elected.

6. Manektrik

word-image-13658 Like Milotic, I’ve never seen a shiny manektrik. s I know it sounds like a broken record, but it surprises me. Instead of a dull sky blue body, the shiny manektrik gets a black color that matches the light yellow color of his body. Mane? A horn? Anyway, it works very well. There’s a trend going on where black glitter Pokémon are completely unbelievable, and Manektrik is another member of that list.

5. Flowering time

word-image-13659 I love Breloom. It was the first Pokémon I raised and trained. Which probably says a lot about me as a person. That’s because Breloom was the best stopper. If you make him with Bloodsucker, Spore, and Replace and give him a Venomous Orb while he has the Venomous Heal ability, he becomes an invincible nightmare that puts your opponents on edge before you actually win the fight. There’s nothing better than watching your opponent’s mind collapse as they look at your rare orange glowing mushroom. Believe me, I’ve been there. That’s great.

4. Metagross

word-image-13660 Shiny Breloom sounds great. But the next four are of a completely different quality. The first of this elite group (I’m in a good mood today) is Metagross. Metagross is now a competitive powerhouse and one of the most elusive non-legendary Pokémon. Beldum, the first evolutionary stage of the Metagross family, has the same capture rate as all legendaries. I don’t know why it happens, but it happens, and it sucks. However, this makes the shiny metagros even rarer. And that’s a good thing, because he looks incredible. Instead of looking like a lump of stone, the shiny Sprite looks like it’s made of solid steel or silver, with gold screwed on the front. It’s rare that changing the color of the shine actively changes the texture of a Pokémon, but that’s the case here.

3. Sceptre

word-image-13661 Finally, we round up all the brilliant Gen III starters. In fact, the Sceptile is my least favorite of the three starters, but no one will deny that he is infinitely cooler than the other two. There’s only one reason for that. And that’s because the brilliant Sceptile is brilliant. Look at the eyes of this man. He’s a dead man. I don’t know if Game Freak did it on purpose, but I find it hard to believe not, and that makes this design even better.

2. Camera head

word-image-13662 Remember when I said that black glitter Pokémon are awesome for some inexplicable reason? The following two fall exactly into this category. Starting with Kamerupt, this color change is just inspiring. It has no thematic relevance. But the contrasting colors of black and yellow give it a phenomenal look. Ironically, the brilliant Kamerupt also has Hummel colors, as does Growdon. Only this time the dominant color was black instead of yellow. And that makes a big difference. It’s a shame though that Kamerupt is relatively useless in combat. Otherwise it would have been a very desirable troll.

1. Rayquaza

word-image-13663 Could another Pokémon have seriously taken that spot? No. The answer is no. Shiny Rayquaza is not only the most beautiful Generation III Pokémon ever, but perhaps the most beautiful Pokémon ever. Your eyes should convince you why so many people are eager to get their hands on one of these devices. The black body and yellow rings, as with Growdon and Kamerupt, form a phenomenal contrast. But this time, the color palette is covered with a snake-like dragon that seems to come straight out of Japanese mythology.Welcome to the team! This is a tech blog that covers the latest and greatest technology-related news, reviews, and competitions. Each week, we’ll try to have at least one article dedicated to Pokémon and Pokémon-related products. Also, we’ll post a general weekly update to keep you up to date with the latest from the world of Pokémon.. Read more about best gen 3 pokemon team and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest Pokemon in hoenn?

I don’t really have a lot to say about this one, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway. I’m currently working on a new project, which may or may not work out, so I’m going to keep this entry short. We all know that in the Hoenn region, there are 6 starter pokemon. But do you know which is the strongest?

What is the best Pokemon in Gen 3?

With Pokemon X & Y: The Complete Official Nintendo 3DS Guide (Nintendo 3DS), the 3DS guides you on a journey to the new region of Kalos, where the Legendary Pokemon Lumiose City stands as the only thing that has been seen since the Kalos region was discovered. With Lumiose City at the center of the new region, the inhabitants have become accustomed to a lifestyle of luxury, high status, and power. What are the Legendary Pokemon that dwell in the city? Here, we’ll list the best Legendary Pokemon in Generation 3 (Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald). Ever since the release of Pokémon Emerald, there’s been a lot of debate over what the best Gen III Pokemon is. I’m going to give you my current top 3 picks, and let you know why I choose them.

Which hoenn starter is the best?

In the world of Pokémon, two generations of Pokémon exist. Generation III Pokémon are very different from Generation II. While Generation II Pokémon were more structurally similar and were easier to hack. Generation III Pokémon are more complex and have a much higher difficulty hacking. One thing that they share, however, is that they are all popular favorites among Pokémon fans. With the release of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, the Hoenn Region is getting a makeover. Hoenn has always been a pretty odd place, with an abundance of water and fairly few land routes. It was only in Pokémon Emerald that we finally got a return to the normal leafy route that most other regions have longed for. Since then, the game has released in Japan and the US, and a few generations later, we now have Pokémon X and Y. While the amount of new Pokémon is reduced, new items, moves, and Abilities are introduced, and this year is no different.

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