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The expression Pog, loggers, or PogChamp is used by twitch communities to express delight, surprise, and fascination when their favorite streamer does something remarkable. There are also other meanings of POG.

Are you a gamer? If yes, then you must have heard about ‘pog’. Pog is a slang term that is used for a person who plays games obsessively and can spend hours on a single game. You may also find the same thing in your social circle and it is considered as a derogatory term. It means ‘Poke’ in Pokemon Go.

What Is Pog?

It is a derogatory term that has been originated from the words ‘poke’ and ‘poke fun. This is a type of play where players hide in dark places and poke other players using a smartphone or a laptop. The word ‘pog’ has been used in the gaming world since 2013 and now it has become a popular term.

Things to know about Pog:

  • It is also known as ‘gaming’ or ‘playing games’.
  • It is mainly done online on social media, messaging apps, and forums.
  • The player may be male or female.
  • It is also a form of harassment.
  • It is considered a type of bullying and harassment.
  • It is illegal to use this term in a public place.

What Is The History Of Pog?

Pog was first introduced in 2013 by the developers of Pokemon Go. The word ‘poke’ is derived from the Japanese word ‘poke’. This is a word that means ‘to poke’ and ‘poke fun. This is the same as ‘poke’ and ‘poke fun.

According to the study, the word ‘pog’ has been used for the first time in 2013. It was used in the context of ‘Pokemon Go. In 2015, it was used in the context of ‘Hearthstone’.

What Does Pog Mean In Gaming?

The word POG, which means excellent, cool, and remarkable, has become synonymous with excellent, cool, and remarkable since the release of the Pog Champ emoticon. In this case, POG can be used to indicate Cool!

The pronoun pog can be used to describe a surprise facial expression. POG, a small circular piece of cardboard, was used by young people to play games in the 1990s, before the internet and the rise of gaming culture. The play of the games is referred to by gaming as POG.

POG can be combined with Champ, which is an abbreviation of Play of champion, to make POGChamp.

From Where Does Pog Come?

The 90s-era collectible cardboard pieces may have been associated with POG. In this case, POG is from PogChamp, which viewers started using to express their excitement in 2012

The phrase pog champion was associated with an emote that featured the visage of gootecks. POG was the inspiration for the term loggers, which is used to describe something unique. There was a surprise Pepe the Frog in the emote that was given to loggers by twitch.

Who Uses POG?

The highlight of a game was referred to by some sports fans as the POG. It’s usually used by streamers to describe an incredible feat when they Livestream an online game. People now use it to describe mundane things, because it has been so common.

Other Meanings Of POG

What Does Pog Mean In Gaming?

The source of the word POG was a juice drink made from passion fruit, Orange, and Guava, which was first introduced in Hawaii in 1971. POGs, a game based on Pog bottle caps, was used as a marketing ploy by the beverage company. The game, also known as POG, and the round, flat, and cardboard pieces that were used to make it, became extremely popular among American schoolchildren in the mid-1990s.

The terms POGs, the gaming piece, and POGs, the game/pieces, remained even though the fad faded. The original game, which was based on stacking milk bottle caps, was first played in Hawaii in the 1920s or 1930s. It wasn’t known until later that it was called POGs.

Other Meanings Of The Word POG

There are a few different meanings for it. Military settings are where one of these meanings is used. In this instance, this can be translated to someone other than grunt. A grunt is a frontline soldier who does dangerous or combat-related tasks, so a POG, also known as someone who supports the soldiers but does not fight or march-like them, is called a POG.


Twitch decided that it would take away some emotes from the platform. They were not entirely sure what they were doing. There were lots of angry responses, and the emotes weren’t working as well on the new platform as they used to on the old one. That was all very confusing. Then Twitch decided that people were just making fun of the old emotes so they would remove them.

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