As someone who spends most of his free time on his laptop, I’ve noticed a lot of issues with my laptop lately. From random crashes to weird noises coming from the speakers, I thought it might be time for a blog post detailing what I’ve experienced with my laptop. After taking apart my laptop and determining that everything was working properly, I decided to make a list of what I found and what I’d do to fix them.

One of the most annoying noises to hear coming from your computer is the loud buzzing sound. It’s probably something you’ve experienced before, especially if it’s been happening a lot. This is a serious problem that needs to be taken seriously.

This blog is for people who have encountered a problem with their laptop (or any other electronics) and have no idea why it is happening. It is also for those who want to know how to fix it themselves instead of taking it to the store and paying for someone else to fix it for you. Also, check here for other laptop guides and issues.

It’s a bit scary when your laptop suddenly starts making strange noises, and you should definitely investigate further to find out what’s causing the noises. Today I want to help you and try to explain the possible causes of all kinds of buzzing, crackling and other strange noises that your laptop can produce.

So, let’s see what the problems are and what the possible solutions are based on the sounds your laptop is making.

Laptop makes strange creaking noises

There are different types of creaks that your laptop can make, but they usually don’t mean that your laptop is seriously damaged. They are usually related to the sound system of your device.

This means that your laptop may make disturbing noise when you listen to music or watch videos, and only when plugged in. All these points indicate that your laptop has sound problems.

Determining the exact cause of the problem is the hardest part, but you should try all the possible solutions listed below until you find the one that solves your problem. I list them, from the most likely causes of the strange noises your laptop is making to the least likely.

1. Update/install driver

This is the most common cause: outdated or incorrectly installed drivers. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix.

To do this, press the Windows key and the X key on the keyboard. Select Device Manager from the menu that appears.

In the new window, expand the Sound, Video and Game Controllers tab, then right-click on the sound device and select Update Driver. Windows will then automatically search for drivers (this requires an Internet connection):

If you have multiple devices, as in the above case, you should update the drivers for all of them just to be sure.

2. Installing new audio drivers

If the above solution does not solve the problem, it is time to install new audio drivers. In general, switching to a high definition audio driver solves all problems. If you already have one and it’s been updated, fixing it probably won’t help – but it can’t hurt to try.

So, if you follow the above steps and click on the Update Driver button, choose another option instead of the automatic update: Search for drivers on the computer:

In the new window, select Choose from a list of drivers available on my computer, and in the new window, uncheck the Show compatible hardware box, which is enabled by default.

Now go to the Microsoft site and select the latest available high definition audio device (version 10.0.19041.264 at the time of writing):

Click Next, complete the driver installation, and restart the computer to reflect the changes. This way, you get rid of the disturbing noise caused by your laptop or its speakers.

3. Interference check

If you have several devices connected, including speakers, they may somehow cause interference and strange sounds.

The most common culprits are Bluetooth devices (including Bluetooth mice) or even your router.

General Rule: If these problems occurred after you connected a new device, the new device is probably the cause. Therefore, just pulling the plug will solve the problem.

If not, try moving at least a meter away from the router, turning off the various devices and checking which ones are causing the problem.

Laptop makes buzzing noises

Let’s move on to another type of sound that your laptop can make. This time it is a buzzing sound that is loud or soft, or sounds like a beep. It’s definitely not pleasant, so let’s find out what can cause these noises and how to eliminate them!

In most cases, a humming noise is normal for your laptop and usually occurs under heavy load and activity – for example, when you are playing a game. However, if the sound becomes louder than usual, you may have a problem.

1. Laptop fan making strange noises

Usually, the main culprit is the laptop’s fan, which either runs overtime to cool the computer, or is clogged and dusty.

If your laptop’s fan is on, in most cases you should not force it to turn off, as this will lead to overheating problems that can cause all sorts of damage to your device, from minor speed issues to shorting out your laptop to all sorts of other problems.

Instead, determine why the fan is constantly running and fix these problems. Generally stop strenuous activities for a while, place the laptop in a well-ventilated area, and close most programs running on the laptop to stop the fan and buzzing noises.

However, the noise itself can also be caused by a clogged or dirty fan. If this is the case, the fan should be cleaned to solve the problem. In fact, you should clean your laptop’s fan regularly to avoid problems.

To clean the laptop fan, first turn off the power, unplug the power cord and, if possible, remove the battery. Then turn the laptop upside down and blow air through the ventilation grille with a can of compressed air to clean it thoroughly.

Ideally, open the laptop and treat it with compressed air while cleaning the laptop case with a dry cloth. Make sure you’re authorized to do this (the laptop isn’t under warranty or anything), and consult your laptop’s manual if you don’t know how to open it – but usually it’s just a matter of unscrewing a few screws.

Finally, keep in mind that your laptop may make a buzzing or even clicking sound if it’s on an uneven surface or tilted (for example, on your lap while you’re in bed). Change the position, as this may permanently damage your laptop’s fan.

2. Faulty hard drive

Most laptops these days have SSDs, but if you still have an older model running on a hard drive and you start to hear buzzing, better described as clicking, ending in a grinding sound, it’s probably a sign that your hard drive is at the end of its life cycle and will die soon.

At some point, this will be the case for all hard drives. So back up your data as soon as possible because once a hard drive is dead, it’s impossible to get it working again and data recovery can be impossible or, at best, very expensive.

Usually, when the clicking starts, you still have time to back up your data, but once the grinding starts, your hard drive will be damaged beyond repair, so make sure you are prepared.

In this case, there’s not much you can do except buy a new hard drive, a new laptop, or an SSD if you have a slot for one. Check out my previous article on the best 14″ laptops if you’re in the market for a new one.

IMPORTANT! These sounds are only relevant to the storage device if you have a hard disk installed. Today’s SSDs make no noise, even at the end of their life cycle.


As you can see, the different noises your laptop makes can have different causes and different solutions. Depending on the sound your laptop is making, you have all the parts you need to fix it.

In some cases, the strange noises coming from the laptop are due to the fact that the device is getting older and making more noise. Sometimes they are simply the result of an overloaded laptop, but sometimes they can be a sign of more serious problems.

Therefore, it is important to solve the problem and find a solution as soon as possible, so that you do not end up with a broken laptop and/or lost data.

If you have any further questions, or have found another solution to any of the above problems, feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

Share this article!So you’re rocking a brand new laptop, and after you’ve been using it for a few months, you start to notice that it starts making a strange sound. This sound is often accompanied by a light buzzing as well, but there’s usually no rhyme or reason for what’s causing this buzz or noise.. Read more about my computer is making a crackling sound and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the crackling sound on my laptop?

It is not easy for a laptop to make a lot of those weird noises, but it can happen. It is actually a very common problem and can be solved very easily. It is called thermal throttling, and it is a normal thing that happens to laptops sometimes. In fact, most people don’t even think about this, and would just think that their laptop is broken. But, it’s not that bad. Here are the solutions. If you’re having trouble with your laptop making a distinctive buzzing, crackling and weird noises, you’re in luck. All you need to do is find the right tools and fix your laptop naturally.

How do I fix the crackling sound on Windows 10?

If you’re experiencing any sort of audio issue with your Windows 10 PC, then this article is for you. While many are addressing the problem with hardware, software and firmware, I think a majority of these issues are either hardware or software related. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 on my Dell XPS laptop on day one. I have never used Windows 10 before, and I have no idea what Dell is doing to the operating system in the process of upgrading machines — but the result is a machine that has been filled with the most annoying noises.

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